You’ve got new product or a service that will be a huge success and make customers come running into your business. But is it really something people want? Or is it just something you think they want? Having solid information about what your customers want to buy, rather than what you want to sell them,

Healthy business relationships are the foundation of any successful business, large or small, especially in service based businesses. As a business owner, you want to think of every client as a potential lifelong customer, who will not only continue to do business with you but invite other people they know to do business with you.

B2B marketing refers to the techniques and best practices used by companies with products and services sold to other businesses. Unlike many B2C marketing efforts, B2B initiatives must consider that a number of executives likely weigh in on a single purchase decision, so campaigns must address multiple audiences within the same enterprise. Additionally, B2B marketing

Here at Atelie, we talked many times on how safety should be implemented at work so we can have a safe working environment. Dealing with heavy equipment and sophisticated production machines can be very dangerous, they can cause serious damage to your employees in the absence of safety regulations. Here are 4 tips on how

Many times, customers are insecure about the product they bought and then they proceed to get frustrated by feeling lost with the lack of information and guidance it may not have. That is why professional sellers selling any kind of service and product ought to be able aiding the customer after any purchase. After sales

Price versus Quality

Cheap is Expensive. Why do signs cost so much? At Atelie we are asked this question many times. You get an answer in this question once you see the process of what goes into making a sign. For a sign to look good from the day it’s installed and still look the same many years

Vehicle or transit wrapping is a very popular design product for businesses. The side view or the top view of vehicles is a great advertising space that can be seen by many people throughout the day. It’s basically a mobile billboard with ad space that business owners only have to pay every once in a

QR tags are something that you may have seen in print ads. But using QR codes in signage content may be something you haven’t thought of. By doing this, you can create interactive signage without being physically interactive with your audience. Interactivity in this case simply means inviting your viewers to participate there and then.

Visuals for a sign

For the last couple of months as we were driving to work we noticed a lot of signage, a lot of poor signage. A lot of signs that you see usually advertising a product, a service or some sort of offer are filled with unnecessary information that you can’t even read it when you’re at